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Early Years Foundation Stage

This page is a collection of learning resources suitable for your Early Years Foundation Stage pupils to use at home in the event of a school closure or if you child is unable to attend school.


If you have any questions relating to the learning, please use the email address below to contact the Nursery and Reception teachers directly. Where possible, the answers will be put on the website for you to mark the majority of the work at home. If you would like some feedback on a piece of writing, please photograph or scan this and send it to the year group email address.

Easter holiday activities

F2 Look and Say words

Maths resources for week beginning 30th March

Topic Resources for week beginning 30th March

Helpful phonics website resources and games

Helpful maths website resources and games

Ideas for Home Learning




  • Ask your child to hide their favourite teddy or any other toy. See if they can direct you to its hiding place by using positional language e.g. forwards, backwards, under, over, through etc. Can they follow your instructions to find the hidden objects?
  • Have a look a look around your house and see what shapes you can find. You could label the shapes that you have found or make a tally chart showing the different shapes.




  • Can your child write a letter/email to a friend or relative and tell them what they have been up to?
  • Can you draw and label your house?




  • Choose a new book to read. Stop reading in the middle of the story. Can you guess what will happen at the end? Were you right? Can you think of a different ending to the story? Draw and write your ideas.
  • Look through a book. Can you find any words with more than four letters? What is the longest word you can find? Are there any words that youdon’t know the meaning of? Can you find out?