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Lower Key Stage 2

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Welcome to the new LKS2 page. This is where you will be able to find lots of useful information about our LKS2 classes at Spurcroft Primary School.

Below you will find the new spellings for both Year 3 and Year 4 for Autumn Term 1.


Mrs Leanne Etherington, Lower Key Stage Two Team Leader



Below you can find the current spelling lists for Years 3 and 4:

Home Learning


Below you will find the Home Learning tasks for Autumn 2:

Our Lower Key Stage Two Classes:

Year 3 Year 4

Juniper Class:

Class Teacher- Mrs Leanne Etherington

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Natalie Taylor




Mulberry Class: 

Class Teacher- Miss Laura Hardwick

Teaching Assistant-Mrs Emilia Clarke                                                                                                                      

Cherry Class:

Class Teachers- Mrs Charlotte Littlechild (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Terri Madle (Thurs-Fri)

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Claire Blyth

Pine Class:

Class Teacher- Mrs Kate Jones

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Sangita Patel



                                                     Year 3/4

Maple Class:

Class Teacher- Mrs Tracy Davis

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Ceri Harding





Below you will find our latest newsletter and current Topic Web:

Routines and resources

In LKS2, we start each day with an early morning task. This may be finishing off, responding to marking, spellings, handwriting or a maths or English activity. We then have English and SPaG before assembly and maths after break time. The afternoons are for topic, PE and science lessons.


 Outdoor Learning will take place on rotation on a Monday. Year 3 will have Outdoor Learning in Autumn 1 and Year 4 will have it in Autumn 2. For Outdoor Learning, children need to wear appropriate clothes for the weather which are able to get muddy!

PE for Juniper and Cherry is on Monday and Tuesday.

PE for Maple is on Tuesday.

PE for Pine is on Tuesday.

PE for Mulberry is on Wednesday.

All equipment needed is provided by the school, however pencil cases may be brought in to use when agreed by the teacher.



Year 4 multiplication test

From 2020, the Year 4's will be taking a national multiplication test which will test them on their times tables. The expectation is that they know all their tables up to 12 x 12 and can answer them within 6 seconds.

In preparation for this, all children will be given a login for an online program called Times Tables Rockstars in Year 3. This program supports our learning in school and allows the children to practise their tables and improve their speed in a fun way. The program will be used at school and can also be accessed at home for extra practise. You can access the website via the link below: