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ACTIVITY timetable

Active Resources updated 27.03.2020

We have a number of resources designed to keep children active at home... 
Weekly Food and Exercise Log - Download 
Greenacre SSP Fitness Challenge Cards 1 here
Wow Active Fitness Challenge Cards 2 here
PE Home Learning here 
Fitness Assessment - Download 
Active Monopoly - Download
20 Activities to complete at home
 - Download 
Travel to Tokyo NEW Download
KS1 Activity Challenges
 NEW Download
KS2 Activity Challenge 
NEW Download
Parent Guide to Activity
 NEW Download
Road to Tokyo
 NEW Download
Outdoor Homework NEW Download
Active at Home (You can change the dates) NEW Download
Home Challenges NEW  Download


Tennis - enjoy activities at home

Home Learning Stay Active ideas

Suggested Sites for PE Activities



Primary Resources

Ready Set Ride resources

The Youth Sport Trust have been commissioned by British Cycling and HSBC UK to design resources to help children to learn to ride. Using an activity pack, online video resources and app, parents, teachers and carers are supported to teach children the essential skills needed to ride a bike while having fun playing together. 

Click here for three free resources. Additional resources can be accessed by creating a free account.


Primary & Secondary Resources

Play Format videos

Our ‘Play Formats’ have been designed to encourage more active play and support children to engage informally in activity before accessing more formal sport specific variations.

Click here for YouTube playlist


Personal Challenge videos

It is the mission of the School Games to provide ‘more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their Personal Best’. This includes competing against oneself and others to improve personal performances with a focus on the process rather than the outcome (on the learning and values development of the young person rather than just the result). For some inspiration, watch some personal challenges created by young people, have a go yourself, or create your own.

Click here for YouTube playlist


Inclusion Resources

Inclusion 2020 activities

Taken from our 'Inclusion 2020' project which has seen 50 primary, secondary and special schools across England organise inclusive countrywide 'Learning and Discovery' sport festivals. At the events, 3,000 pupils of all abilities have been experiencing a variety of Para sports and get the opportunity to compete. In this document (page 11 onwards) there's a wide range of inclusive formats to utilise.

Download the document




With school closures having an impact on academic study and physical activity for your children I wanted to forward this. Feel free to upload a link to any school portal or share with your schools!


Our aim is to offer your school some access to the simple ideas we deliver and allow them to stay active. We plan to release more on very soon also.


Dan the Skipping Man® works across schools to boost physical activity, develop resilience, perseverance and creativity for all. We normally offer children in schools a simple form of creative fitness to get themselves active and enjoying themselves in a form of fitness that is simple to access, easy to do and can be done indoors or outside. A number of links are below but we have 60+ videos on our Youtube channel and have a number of playlists broken down into series, here is a sample,


1) Dan the Skipping Man® #ICANSKIP - Starter skipper -

Simple Skipper -

Super Skipper -

Dan the Skipping Man® #ICANSKIP is a series of skills to grow and develop the quality of a skipper from beginner upwards, with techniques to get started then building to more complex work.


2) Dan the Skipping Man® #Skip5

Skip 5 is a 5 minute work out which can be done almost anywhere.


3) Dan the Skipping Man® trials

Dan the Skipping Man® trials are a few simple trial ideas to build on to give people ways of testing themselves.


All people need to follow our videos is a skipping rope and some space (back yard, conservatory etc)  … if people don’t have a rope available we have them available to buy on our website in a variety of sizes (Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Adult)




This is just a quick reminder that the real play at home access will be sent to ALL existing real PE schools and any school who has already registered today. They will receive an email later to give them their parental login and supporting tools (including a suggested timetable for EYFS/KS1 and KS2) to send home for parents to directly access Jasmine.


Any schools or groups or families can still register for access by emailing